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About Balanced

Business growth. Business strategy. Time management. Peace of mind.

These are key to the success of your business.

How do you unlock them and gain complete control to achieve your vision?

– Imagine getting rid of the ‘stuff’ that is stealing your time but essential in running your business.

Does it feel good? We take this ‘stuff’ away. From bookkeeping, VAT, CIS and management accounts to process implementation and training so you can do it yourself effectively.

But it’s so much more than just bookkeeping. It’s education on how you can identify successes and areas of improvement within your business. Its peace of mind, more time for you to focus on your priorities, and having the freedom of choices.

We are Balanced…

In 2007 Anna Rowe ditched corporate land as an engineer for the freedom of self-employment. For many businesses in Oxfordshire, it was the best thing that ever happened to them.

As a mum of two running a thriving home based business, Anna is incredibly experienced in juggling her family and work and the challenges that working from home brings. Knowledgeable in increasing and maintaining productivity and motivation, Anna encapsulates a wealth of information and advice on time management, processes, systems and methods that small business owners crave.

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…for Bookkeeping

The one thing Anna is passionate about is business owners having total control over their businesses using their figures. It about empowering them to make fully informed decisions and attaining results shaped by accurate, frequent analysis of management accounts. Anna believes the only way to achieve this is through careful, systematic bookkeeping.

Anna has brought together an expert team of bookkeepers and management accountants designed to support and nurture small businesses through their journey and ensuring they have the crucial information required to forge onwards to success.

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We delight in helping small Oxfordshire businesses focussed on growing. To discover more about our services, click on the menu to the left.



Credit Control



Beyond Bookkeeping

DIY Bookkeeping

Intelligent Admin


Do you love your bookkeeping?

We do. We LOVE your bookkeeping. Everybody has a passion, ours is bookkeeping.

Maybe that is not strictly true – actually our passion is making sure you have accurate, detailed, up-to-date financial information at your fingertips. This is about you having full control over your business. This is about empowering you to take informed decisive action and create dynamic strategy for business growth.

– Imagine having the mystery taken out of your numbers

– Imagine what you could do with the time you free up by outsourcing it

– Imagine not having to worry about deadlines for bookkeeping, credit control, payroll, management accounts, VAT, CIS and Self Assessments – BLISS!


Value Added Tax – yet another necessary evil for so many businesses!

There are a range of VAT schemes to choose from and there is a lot of information to assimilate in making the right choice – standard, cash, flat rate, second hand margin…

Which do you need? The answer is it depends on what you are doing. When do you get paid? When do you pay people? What do you buy?

As part of our standard bookkeeping service, we will carry out a comparison of the schemes and find out which is the best for you. We can produce your VAT return and file it online saving you time and hassle.

Credit Control

We help you to get paid on time.

Late payments create havoc with your cash flow, peace of mind and line of credit. You have worked very hard to build up a good working relationship with your clients and it can feel that chasing them to pay those overdue invoices may marr that.

Cashflow is King! Especially for small businesses. So being paid on time is essential for you, it is your lifeline for business growth.

Having an outside ‘credit control’ department means you don’t have to worry about it. You can focus on the good things with your clients and we will take control of ensuring monies are received on time.


Once upon a time, before Anna was trained in the art of understanding HMRC (a highly complicated language which requires years of study) she did some freelance work and had to complete a Self-Assessment form. She looked at the form and died a thousand little deaths. After five phone calls to HMRC she found a lovely lady who talked her through the form and helped to fill it in (by the way Anna is not dim. She has a Masters Degree in Engineering and used to teach 2nd year engineering maths. She also has an advanced certificate in Marketing, so is pretty good at working out what the actual message is).

Now Anna and the Balanced team are highly trained in the language of HMRC and don’t want you to have that same scary experience with your Self-Assessment every year.

Come to us and we will complete and submit your Self-Assessment saving you from dealing with HMRC and ensuring your figures are accurate.


Your staff are your lifeline and sanity so paying them on time and accurately is essential every month.

We can operate a payroll service for up to five people. This will save you investing in new software, learning how to use it and the time needed to actually do it.

Beyond Bookkeeping

Drawing on our depth of experience in broader business matters, we offer a One-to-One Workshop where we examine your business finances in-depth helping you to understand where your company is and importantly where you want it to be.

DIY Bookkeeping Training

This is about empowerment and education! 

Do you want to do your bookkeeping yourself?

Need to know how to pull a Profit & Loss report and a Balance Sheet so you can see what’s happening in your business?
Have a member of staff you need trained on how to do it?
We can teach you!

We train you how to do it properly, set it up correctly and create a customised instruction manual with screenshots for you to keep. If you are a very small business your bookkeeping will only take a few hours a year.

Are you a Non-VAT registered Sole Trader? We have the perfect spreadsheet for you that comes with super dooper instructions, pretty colours and shiny graphs. We also offer a follow up service to help you examine and unnderstand what the numbers are telling you and how to use this information to benefit your business.

Intelligent Admin

Admin is quite boring, and can be very time consuming but it has to be done, preferably as quickly and painlessly as possible.

How would it feel to identify ways of streamlining it and reduce the time you spend on it?

One client was taking over an hour each month to do their monthly report; 2 hours of consultant time with us reduced this to 5 minutes…yes, only 5 minutes.

You can use this extra time to expand your business, look for new staff or head off to the golf course/spa/shops.



There’s a lot going on in the world of bookkeeping, accounts, VAT and general business intelligence.
Have a look here to see what’s new, what’s good, what’s bad and what’s downright ugly.


Why choose Balanced?

Expert bookkeeping advice and management

Remote or on-site options, or a mix, to suit you

Flexible, cost effective solutions

Use of many accountancy packages: Sage, Quickbooks, Kashflow, Xero, Liverty, Quickbooks Online, Freshbooks, MYOB, Clearbooks, spreadsheets, bespoke packages

We love your numbers



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Self Assessment0%


Beyond Bookkeeping0%

DIY Bookkeeping0%

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I have Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping and a Level III in Sage

I have a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering

My dream holiday destination is Cambodia

I love cakes and baking especially with my little helper

I speak three languages fluently and ask for a beer with a receipt in seven additional languages!

I am the proud owner of one mad old sheep dog called Jess

I have an advanced certificate in Marketing

I have voluntarily jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane at 10,000 feet

I was a professional Jazz singer

I rowed at national level

Anna Rowe


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Bookkeeping specialist

Theresa Tolley

Bookkeeping Specialist

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